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Body Fit Collagen Slim Smoothie

Youthful Living Body Fit TM Collagen Slim Smoothie is a great-tasting, low calorie, rejuvenating, nutritional shake. This shake has been carefully formulated to assist with anti-ageing, maintaining healthy joints, muscle development and promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. This nutritional shake helps to maintain sustainable weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin C is an Essential nutrient. An antioxidant that supports and boosts the body’s immune system. A healthy immune system helps fight off free radicals; prevents cold and flu symptoms and viral infections.

Whey Rejuv

Delicious high protein shake with 5g added collagen, resveratrol and digestive enzymes.

Body Fit Collagen Pro-Shot

Youthful Living Body Fit TM Collagen Pro-Shot concentrate has been carefully formulated to provide the optimal blend of ingredients that promote anti-ageing, rejuvenation, joint support and overall well-being.

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Collagen Slim Smoothie

Chocolate, Coffee Mocha, Vanilla

Vitamin C Caps

30 Capsules

Whey Rejuv Shake

Vanilla Soft Serve, Double Chocolate Delight

Collagen Pro-Shot