Body Fit Testo Ripped Max


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YL Body fit TM Testo ripped max is a superior quality testosterone booster which contains premium ingredients that amplify healthy testosterone production, and its affects on lean muscle growth and performance.  The research supported ingredients used in Testo ripped max were selected for their benefits in naturally increasing testosterone levels, supporting fat loss, aiding in muscle growth and recovery. Optimal testosterone levels are responsible for immune boosting; muscle building and recovery; fat loss; increased energy; and enhanced libido.

Dosage and directions for use: Take 2 capsules 40 mins prior to workout or 40 mins before breakfast.

For best results: Take 2 capsules before breakfast / workout and take a second serving before lunchtime. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Product highlights:

  • Ashwaghanda KSM66: Classified as an adaptogen meaning it can assist your body to cope with stress. Other benefits of Ashwaghanda include lowering blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system; naturally boosts testosterone levels and significantly boosts sperm quality and fertility in men.
  • Colostrum: Is popular among athletes for its ability to burn fat; build muscle; assist with muscle and ligament repair; and enhance athletic performance.
  • Fenugreek: Research suggests Fenugreek increases natural testosterone levels and sexual function in men. Other benefits of fenugreek: appetite control; may lower cholesterol; may reduce inflammation.
  • Stinging nettle: offers a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and polyphenols, many of which act as powerful antioxidants. Stinging nettle is also known for its ability to naturally support healthy testosterone and prostate in men.
  • Corleus forskholii: Stimulates the release of stored fat from fat cells. Forskohlii is an herb used in traditional medicine to boost testosterone and induce fat loss.


This product has not been evaluated by the medicines control council nor have statements been evaluated by the food and drug administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure diseases or disorders.


Not to be taken by anyone under the age of 18yrs old.

Consult your health care practitioner should you be on any chronic medication. Not recommended for anyone pregnant or breast feeding.

Discontinue the use of this product where there is sensitivity towards any of the ingredients.