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To THE MOST AMAAAAZING Team… Team Body Beautiful and my coach Lauren-Leigh Porter … I’ve been struggling for the longest time to be “okay” with my body, to achieve certain goals and to get my body to it’s optimal… But for the 1st time have I seen what my body can achieve and that I CAN indeed have that body I have always wanted… You can have EVERYTHING you are willing to work for!” Not only has it become a goal achieved… But it has become a lifestyle! I am now a part of a FAMILY that is like minded… PUSHING you to your utmost potential and helping you change your lifestyle… I am now inspired to do exactly the same… Thank you my Body Beautiful Family 🤗 Thank you Lauren for inspiring me to inspire others! Cheers 🥂 to MORE GOALS achieved!…
Landi Geel

When you see your own reflection in the mirror, and you decide then and there “I don’t like what I see ..”


That was the day my Body Beautiful journey began‼️


With the help, motivation and LOTS of encouraging from my coach, Lauren Leigh Porter, I have persevered and got great results after a mere 3 weeks  of a 12 week challenge.


My coach changes and personalizes my training program weekly according to my specific goals and fitness levels to ensure my body stays challenged.


The huge advantage of training on a customized and user friendly App, is that sense of Accountability, especially on those “I sooooo dont want to train today” days 😖😖


I still have ways to go, but I am super excited to see what else my coach / drill sergeant has in store for me the next 9 weeks.


Will it be Easy…..NO

Will it be worth it…HELL YES


C’mon coach, bring it 🔥💪

What an amazing experience I’ve had and still am having. (7 weeks to go of my first 12-week challenge)

Allow me to share with you.

The detox.
It’s hard for the first 3 days. Headaches, the water and then the apple cider on top of that. Waking up and restraining myself from not going to the coffee pot first thing is hard. The exercises are really fun as you feel your body working.
But then day 4 rolls around and I woke up feeling amazing, lifted, and alive!!. The water intake becomes easier. The creativity in food kicks in. Suddenly the coffee, chocolate,  and bad food cravings are gone!!.

Then the coach…
Landi, you are a superstar guiding us. But best of all is your personality and the way you set this up made us feel at total ease with the uncomfortable reality of being overweight. Motivating us to face this enormous demon head-on. In all my years of trying to lose weight my mindset shifted. With you, I’m not trying anymore. I’m doing it.

The journey.
I have not once felt hungry or felt like giving up. Yes, somedays I just can’t get to that step target or can’t get to the exercise or worse skipped that meal. And you know what, life happens. It’s how you pick yourself up and try again tomorrow. And for every bad day I made a point to have at least 3 good days after that.
My children are 50% of my why I am on this lifestyle change the other 50% is for myself. It’s a complete mindset change that takes over after each kilo shed.

The system that Body beautiful has is practical and easy to work with. Had a few snags with Samsung and trainerize but once I jumped over to using Fitbit. It became a breeze and now an addiction.

7 weeks to go and with God by my side Landi &/BBI in my corner I will achieve the impossible!!

Watch this space!!

I’ve always admired Bodybuilders/Fitness people who went on stage and always wondered what I’d look like if I had to go through such a transformation. It was an ongoing fight in my head must I or must I not. Exactly a year back I decided to do it, I went to look up online coaching, and then found Body Beautiful. Lauren-lee Porter is an exceptional person and was immediately willing to help. My whole lifestyle changed, eating habits, exercises, sleep patterns, social life.  All I can say it was not easy in the beginning, many days of toil and sweat and I wanted to throw in the towel more than once, but with Lauren-lee Porter as your trainer, motivator, and friend, I can proudly say after 1 year that I don’t regret choosing Body Beautiful at all. I am very proud of myself achieving the following my first ever show at Body Beautiful Competition I placed 4th in my category. Then at IBFF Prodiva Catogory 35+ I placed 7th and 1.68 Tall I placed 4th.  I have been selected to participate at Worlds, this is super exciting, although Covid put a little stop at my training for a while, but one thing for sure it is not going to stop me at all, I will continue working hard to be my very best at Worlds.

I have learned that When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, being consistent with the positive changes you make to your lifestyle is the key. It’s all about Balance. You can have a social life and be fit and healthy. Changing your habits is about establishing a ‘new normal’ so that healthy living becomes your way of life rather than something you either do or don’t do. Just want to Thank Body Beautiful for being by my side and motivating me all this time and thank you for making me the best version of myself

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